Enjoy the Poems: Robert Louis Stevenson

Enjoy the Poems: Robert Louis Stevenson

by Robert Louis Stevenson, Sonya Shafer, Ruth Smith (Compiler)
Staplebound, 40 pages
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Give your children the gift of poetry with the Enjoy the Poems series! Enjoy 26 complete poems, a portrait of the poet, and a living biography so you and your students can get to know Robert Louis Stevenson well.

A simple schedule suggests how you can linger with Stevenson for a whole school year to learn his style and enjoy the poems together in just a few minutes once a week. Plus, Enjoy the Poems will help you

  • Encourage imagination with helpful tips for Setting the Imaginary Stage.
  • Nourish a love for poetic expression by allowing the poems to speak for themselves.
  • Enjoy powerful use of language with occasional definitions.
  • Gain confidence with practical and inspiring Poetry Notes from Charlotte Mason and others.
  • Cultivate good character through beautiful words well put.

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