English from the Roots Up Volume II

English from the Roots Up Volume II

by Joegil Lundquist, Jeanne L. Lundquist
Comb bound, 107 pages
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English from the Roots Up Volume II continues the program begun in Volume I. It gives you 100 new root words—33 in Greek, 67 in Latin—which you can teach to students from elementary through high school. Although you can start with this book, it is definitely best if your students have the background of Volume I or its equivalent. But you don't need to have a background in Latin and Greek to teach these words!

The book is very simply designed. Each page, single sided, offers one root word in a box, or sample card, at the top of the page. The cards are color-coded, red for Latin, green for Greek, and they are clearly labeled. Below the first box is a second, which offers the meaning of the root, and also a number of words which derive their meaning from the root. The last third of the page offers teaching notes, which provide interesting historical background of words and additional derivatives at times. See samples (below) for how this looks. New in this volume: the typeset is cleaner, every page includes a pronunciation guide for the Latin and Greek roots, plus the Greek words are given both in English and Greek!

While ready-made cards are available, the idea of the program is for each students to make their own cards. This makes the program totally adjustable: your second grader can write just the root and it's meaning if you wish; your sixth grader can design a card with root, meaning and derivatives of your choice; and your 10th grader could re-create the whole card. It's up to you! By making their own cards, they are reading, processing and writing. And then each student has a self-made product for review. An effective approach if you are at least somewhat disciplined!

In other words, English from the Roots Up is a very flexible program; students will enjoy making their own vocabulary cards as they work through the book; and they will learn plenty!

Here's all you need to begin a full year of teaching and learning:

  • Sanford Magic Markers (Red, Blue, and Green)
  • 100-150 3"x5" index cards for each child
  • A recipe file box for each child's card collection
  • A whiteboard and markers
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