Enduring Community

Enduring Community

Embracing the Priority of the Church

by Brian Habig, Les Newsom
2nd Edition, ©2001, ISBN: 9780971100404
Trade Paperback, 202 pages
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The Enduring Community: Embracing the Priority of the Church is a clarion call for the evangelical Church to return to Christ's foundational roots for it. Those roots are lodged in the Universal Church's and local church's Christ-imaging roles as a prophetic witness, a priestly witness, and a kingly witness.

The authors, both PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) ordained pastors and long-time campus ministers, Brian Habig and Les Newsom, assert that when the Church, and local churches, again major on its primary roles, health will be restored and a shine will go froth that is impossible to ignore. Nothing is more important to Christ than his Bride, pure and spotless! This book is devoted to that end.

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