Encouragement Along the Way

Encouragement Along the Way

A Devotional Guide & Journal for Home Schooling Parents

by Bobbie Howard
Publisher: Noble Publishing
2nd Edition, ©1993, ISBN: 9781568570289
Trade Paperback, 223 pages
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Written in 1993, published by Gregg Harris, with a forward by Cathy Duffy, this little book is a reminder that in the midst of teaching spelling, math, etc, homeschool moms are also training souls. Each of the 52 three to four paragraph devotionals is written in a familiar, warm-hearted, one-mom-to-another style that could bring a feeling of focus on a day when no one will sit still, or a little boost when the whole homeschooling thing feels like a bit too much. Bobbie Howard doesn't pretend to have all the answers or to be the latest incarnation of Lady Wisdom, but she writes from her experiences in a way that will remind homeschooling moms that they are not alone. Encouragement Along the Way is short and light, but Christ-oriented and God-glorifying.

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