Emergence of Liberty in the Modern World

Emergence of Liberty in the Modern World

The Influence of Calvin on Five Governments from the 16th Through 18th Centuries

by Douglas Kelly
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What theological convictions guided the founding of the United States?

How did the Puritans apply the lordship of Christ to civil government?

What did Knox believe concerning the right to resist tyranny?

How did Calvinist views on God's sovereignty, the depravity of man, the covenant, and church government influence law and liberty in the Western world?

Douglas F. Kelly examines five church-state relations over a three-century period to show the impact of Calvin's thought on civil government. Though primarily a scholar, theologian, preacher, and church statesman, Calvin showed a strong political concern throughout his life. His theology, the institutions it engendered, and the questions it raised have played a major role in shaping the post-Reformation world. Calvin's legacy continues to bear upon the issues that guide and agitate Western nations today.

Table of Contents:

  1. John Calvin and Geneva
  2. Calvinism in France: The Huguenot Experience
  3. Calvinism in Scotland: Controversy and Triumph
  4. Calvinism in England: The Puritan Struggle and Its Results
  5. Calvinism and Government in American Colonies
  6. Conclusion
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