Ellison the Elephant with Dramatized Audio CD

Ellison the Elephant with Dramatized Audio CD

by Eric Drachman, James Muscarello (Illustrator)
Publisher: Kidwick Books
Hardcover, 32 pages
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Little Ellison just wants to sound like everyone else. With encouragement from Mora and provocation from his imaginary friend, Weasel, Ellison finds his very own voice a jazzy sound that charms and entertains all within earshot.

Ellison's mom reminds us all that it's okay to be unusual. In fact, "All the greatest elephants in history were unusual- that's what made them great!"

The companion "Book-on-CD" will transport you and your child into Ellison's world with sound effects, wonderful performances by children and adults, and original jazz music composed by Giovanna Imbesi and performed by Bryon "BTrain" Holley. The dramatic storytelling is narrated by the author and features his young nephew, Benjamin Drachman, among other delightful voices! (Audible page turns help your children follow along as they learn to read.)

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