Elizabeth MacLeod

Elizabeth MacLeod
A Canadian, MacLeod was born on October 21 in Thornhill, Ontario.  She grew up, earned her degree in the sciences, and then decided to become an author and editor.  She first worked as an editor for Owl Magazine and penned a few nonfiction books before branching out to write computer software.  In the year 1994, MacLeod saw published her book called Dinosaurs, and since then she has penned works on crafts, nonfiction, and picture books.  Her biographies on famous individuals such as Alexander Graham Bell and Lucy Maud Montgomery have been award-winning, earning many positive reviews.  MacLeod still resides in Ontario, writing and editing for Kids Can Press.


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Alexander Graham Bell
by Elizabeth MacLeod
from Kids Can Press
Biography for 3rd-6th grade
in Biographies (Location: BIO)