Elin's Amerika

Elin's Amerika

by Marguerite de Angeli
©1941, Item: 32107
Hardcover, 96 pages
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"Only boys, boys, boys everywhere!" Elin Sigstedt sighed. "Boys have all the fun.

There just weren't any little girls to play with among the neighbors in New Sweden in 1648. Of course there were Moder and Fader and brothers, Bror and Knute and Axel, who would be back when the ship from Sweden came in. But if only there were a little girl somewhere to play with!

Elin could pretend that the Tomte, the house elf who surely had come to "Amerika" with them, was near and talk to him. And there was the friendly Indian woman, Lamefoot, who showed her where there were beautiful flowers growing in the woods. But none of this was like having a little girl. If only the ship would come, bringing supplies and another little girl to the settlers on the banks of the Delaware.

And when Little Christmas and then real Christmas came around Elin's longing grew and grew—a little girl to share her Christmas secrets!

What happened when the ship came at last was a surprise better than any Elin could ever have thought up! She no longer was lonely and had to think of Old Sweden as "home"! This was Elin's Amerika.

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