Elementary Greek Year One - Audio Companion CD

Elementary Greek Year One - Audio Companion CD

Koine for Beginners

by Christine Gatchell, Ian Bogost
Publisher: Memoria Press
Audio CD
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This Audio Companion CD provides a guide to pronouncing the Greek letters and words you will encounter during your study of Elementary Greek Year One. It includes all of the letters, words, phrases, and grammatical forms from the textbook. Listen to it often to practice listening, recognizing, and repeating along with the text.

(We have had a complaint about the pronunciation on this CD "not being correct." But it is! For the technically minded, it uses the Erasmian pronunciation of Koine, the standard pronunciation in seminaries and many American academic settings. An alternative is the Byzantine, or "ethnic" pronunciation, which is more similar to modern Greek and is the normal pronunciation in the Eastern Orthodox world.)

  • Content tied directly to textbook lessons
  • Tracked over 75 times to allow easy access to specific content from the textbook
  • Packaged in a sturdy, protective plastic box suitable for shelving and easily found

Sample Clips:

Lesson 1, Day 3
Lesson 1 Vocabulary
Lesson 20 Memory Verse
Lesson 21 Memory Verse
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