Edward Eager's Tales of Magic

Edward Eager's Tales of Magic

Seven book collection

by Edward M. Eager
Publisher: Harcourt
©2016, Item: 68097
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Each of the four books in the Half Magic Quartet follows the same formula. Four children (two girls and two boys) who come upon a deliciously large amount of free time encounter magical items that, with the help of their creativity, bravery, and imagination, enable them to go on thrilling and often hilarious adventures. Along the way they learn valuable lessons about kindness, patience, and bravery. They also learn how to get along with each other (and the importance of doing so).

But this is not just the Half Magic Quartet. Three other books by Edward Eager round out his collection now called "Tales of Magic." This set includes:

  1. Half Magic
  2. Magic by the Lake
  3. Knight's Castle
  4. Time Garden
  • Well-Wishers
  • Magic or Not? (sequel to Well-Wishers)
  • Seven-Day Magic (independent title)
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