Economics - Student Textbook (old)

Economics - Student Textbook (old)

2nd Edition, ©2009, Publisher Catalog #200410
Softcover Textbook, 352 pages
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This is without reservation one of the best available high school economics texts. Students are introduced to everything from fiscal policy to the stock market from a Christian perspective through readable text and colorful illustrations that actually illuminate the content rather than merely offering decoration. Commentary is limited but sound, and students will get a comprehensive overview of principles, facts and theories relatively painlessly.

Economics is a social science, and the authors of Economics, 2nd ed. treat it as such. So there are graphs and charts (several, in some chapters), but they're always thoroughly explained and are rarely abstruse (the Expenditure Multiplier in Action diagram is kind of hard to navigate at first glance). All the major concepts are represented, and while die-hards won't find names like Heilbronner or Hayek, their ideas are present and clearly explained.

If it sounds like we're emphasizing the clarity and thoroughness of this text too much, it's only because those two elements are so rarely found together in a book of economics. Most comparable texts are incomparably dry and hard to understand; this one is accessible, yet complete enough to serve as a solid foundation for students wanting to go into business or study economics in college.

The Christian perspective is strong, but the authors don't make the mistake of forcing everyone they may agree with into the Judeo-Christian worldview model. And while considerable attention is paid to the "big picture," personal finance and day-to-day stewardship aren't ignored (they're just as much aspects of the economy as GDP and interest rates).

Economics, 2nd ed. is meant for high school seniors who have completed a course in American government. A dedicated and motivated student could probably finish this book earlier, though it will take work and should be prefaced with at least some study of government. This won't be every kid's favorite course, but those interested in economics will find an invaluable introduction and resource in it, and there might be a few conversions as well.

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