Eat Your Way Around the World

Eat Your Way Around the World

by Jamie Aramini
Publisher: Geography Matters
Spiralbound, 111 pages
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Get out the sombrero for your Mexican fiesta! Chinese egg rolls! Corn pancakes from Venezuela! Friend plantains from Nigeria! All this, and more, is yours when you take your family on a whirlwind tour of over thirty countries in this unique international cookbook. Jam-packed with delicious dinners, divine drinks, and delectable desserts, this book is sure to please.

The entire family will be fascinated with tidbits of culture provided for each country including:

  • Etiquette hints

  • Food Profiles

  • Culture a la Carté

For more zest, add an activity and voilà, create a memorable learning experience that will last for years to come. Some activities include:

  • Food Journal

  • Passport

  • World Travel Night

Open your eyes and taste buds and join us on this edible adventure!

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