Easy Grammar Plus

Easy Grammar Plus

by Wanda C. Phillips
2nd Edition, ©2007, Publisher Catalog #130A
Consumable Workbook, 694 pages
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Easy Grammar Plus is a non-specific grade level text. We typically recommend it for 7th-9th grade, but older students needing a better base in grammar could glean from it too. Like the rest of the Easy Grammar books, this text uses the prepositional approach; however, students are not asked to delete prepositional phrases throughout the book as they are in the prior levels.

This text contains higher level information such as gerunds, appositives, and the perfect/progressive tenses, and also reviews all the basics. The second edition also includes a small writing section. Overall, Easy Grammar Plus is an effective and easy-to-use course for those who need to get a solid base of grammar before going on to more serious writing assignments.

This is the Teacher Text. It includes reproducible student workbook pages with answer keys on the opposite pages, as well as teaching strategies. If you have a copier, you needn't buy anything else as the contents of the workbook and Test booklet are contained. (But if you would have to go to a copy shop, we recommend simply buying the other two as the price difference is not worth the extra trouble.) We also recommend purchasing Daily Grams to help review concepts taught in this level. You may purchase all four of these items at a discount—click here for details.

  • contains additional higher level concepts such as gerunds plus the perfect and progressive tenses
  • includes more difficult capitalization and punctuation rules
  • unit reviews, unit tests, cumulative reviews, and
    cumulative tests
  • reproducible worksheets
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  Very Helpful
Jennifer of Oregon, 5/17/2011
I wanted a curriculum that taught prepositions from the beginning and this one seemed to be the one. I used Easy Grammar Plus with my 7th and 8th graders. The bonus I received was that grammar finally made sense to my 7th grader. This program is very aptly titled Easy Grammar.