Easy File Folder Reports 3-6

Easy File Folder Reports 3-6

by Jo Ellen Moore
Activity Books, 239 pages
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Easy File Folder Reports gives you everything you need to guarantee great report-writing results.

For the teacher:
• detailed directions and a materials list for every report
• a list of topics for each report theme and suggestions for how to assign the reports
• detailed instructions for constructing the various types of 3-D visuals that enhance the reports
• helpful hints for guiding students through the report-writing process

For the students:
• reproducible step-by-step directions that guide students in completing parts of the report
• a report cover to complete and decorate
• easy-to-complete report forms that allow each student to work at his or her own skill level
• the reports include drawing, constructing, and writing, and appeal to many learning styles

Easy File Folder Reports helps you meet individual needs. Within the general report topic, each student will report on a different specific topic. The sections of report forms are open-ended enough to accommodate individual skill levels. And everyone’s finished project will look spectacular.

The reports are simple to assemble. Completed report forms are glued inside the file folder; the decorated cover is glued on the outside. Display the completed reports opened flat with the 3-D visuals in place and wow visitors on open house night.
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