Easy Chairs, Hard Words

Easy Chairs, Hard Words

Conversations on the Liberty of God

by Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Trade Paperback, 144 pages
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"Therefore He has mercy on whom He wills, and whom He wills He hardens. You will say to me then, 'Why does He still find fault? For who has resisted His will?' But indeed, O man, who are you to reply against God?" (Rom. 9: 18-20)

These are hard words, but they are, no matter what we say, God's words. In this book, two characters—a pastor and a young man who is asking questions—converse about difficult texts pertaining to God's sovereignty and what implications it has for salvation. Their lively conversations offer an unapologetic (yet kind) treatment of many passages in Scripture. A great book for introducing your friends to Calvinistic soteriology while still keeping them as friends.

so·te·ri·ol·o·gy: n. The theological doctrine of salvation as effected by Jesus.


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Summary: A very Chestertonian tale about a pastor and a younger man discussing Calvinism and its life applications.

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