Early Moon

Early Moon

by Carl Sandburg, James Daugherty (Illustrator)
Publisher: Harcourt
©1930, Item: 42304
Hardcover, 135 pages
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Carl Sandburg's poetry is always stirring to young people. They have given their own testimony: a boy says that Sandburg's poems are about real things, skyscrapers, engines, railroads; a girl writes that when Sandburg makes beautiful pictures he does not tell too much, "You have to see the beauty for yourself"; still another says that he is not afraid to recognize and write about ugly things. Whatever the reason, Carl Sandburg is one of the best-loved of modern poets in the estimation of boys and girls. For them this selection of seventy poems has been made.

The decorations are by James Daugherty, and they express a new development in the work of this famous illustrator. The old vitality and incisiveness are not lacking, but there are added a subtlety and delicacy of feeling, which are in close harmony with the poems.

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