Early American History - Your Story Hour CDs

Early American History - Your Story Hour CDs

For Primary and Intermediate Grades

by Your Story Hour
Publisher: Your Story Hour
©1976, Item: 3276
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For those who are using the Beautiful Feet Early American History at the primary and intermediate levels, these are the five Your Story Hour CDs needed. These are the first 5 CDs from the 12 CD Heritage of Our Country album(a better value).

Includes 10 stories on 5 CDs:

CD #1:
Story 1 - Beyond the Horizon: Columbus 1
Story 2 - The Disappearing Light: Columbus 2

CD #2:
Story 1 - Mutiny of Alonzo: Columbus 3
Story 2 - Columbus in Chains: Columbus 4

CD #3:
Story 1 - Persecuted and Betrayed: Early Pilgrims 1
Story 2 - The First Thanksgiving: Early Pilgrims 2

CD #4:
Story 1 - Spirit of the Stars and Stripes: Story of the US Flag
Story 2 - Runaway Boy: Benjamin Franklin

CD #5:
Story 1 - America's Arch Hero Makes a Speech: Lincoln at Gettysburg
Story 2 - Billy Scott Faces the Firing Squad: An Abraham Lincoln Story

(CD #4 is used in the Intermediate level only; CD #5 is used in the Primary level only. If you are using only one of these levels, enjoy the extra stories!)

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