Dutch Blitz Expansion Pack

Dutch Blitz Expansion Pack

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Dutch Blitz is a popular and fun Pennsylvania Dutch card game that develops concentration and speed. It's similar to a mix of Solitaire and Speed, but is meant for two to four players. With adaptation, the original game can be played by up to eight players, but there has long been demand for an "expansion pack," making the regular rules workable for even more players. This expansion pack does just that, adding four more decks.

Like the original, there are four card designs (plow, carriage, pail and pump); the difference is that the designs vary in color.

Original Decks:

Expansion Pack Decks:

To learn how to play Dutch Blitz, please see the orignal deck for video instructions & rules.

If you don't want to buy this deck, here are some other six- to eight-player variations:

  • Using one set of Dutch Blitz cards, you can form two-player teams by separating the tasks. The first player controls the Post- and Blitz Piles while the second handles the Wood Pile. Both can play their cards into the Dutch Piles. This can result in an extremely fast-paced game!
  • We've had a friend who spent a great deal of time and money creating a Dutch Blitz deck out of poster board for a "lifesize" version of the game. In this case you can have three or four people per team, and let the wild rumpus start!
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