Duffy and the Devil

Duffy and the Devil

by Harve Zemach, Margot Zemach (Illustrator)
Trade Paperback, 40 pages
Price: $7.99

In this comical Cornish version of Rumpelstiltskin, our heroine is Duffy the housemaid. Duffy hates knitting and spinning, but she can only stay at the Duke’s house if she knits and spins. The devil hears Duffy complaining and makes a deal with her. The devil will spin and knit for Duffy for three years, and if Duffy can’t guess the devil’s name at the end of three years, then the devil will take her away.

Duffy readily agrees, and begins enjoying the easy life at the Duke’s. The Duke himself is so impressed with Duffy’s work that he marries her. But when the end of three years is up, what is Duffy to do?

Unlike the traditonal Rumplestiltskin story, this version has Duffy turn to the old housekeeper for help, and the Duke himself is inadvertently (and hilariously) involved in discovering the devil's name. The jumbled, crowded illustrations sprawl across the pages as Duffy makes her way from rags to riches.

Review by Hadley Ayers
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FLAWS: Attitude
Summary: After three years of knitting Squire Lovel's stockings the devil gets to take Duffy away, unless she can guess his name.

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