Duchess Bakes a Cake

Duchess Bakes a Cake

by Virginia Kahl
Publisher: Purple House Press
Hardcover, 32 pages
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A long time ago there lived over the waters,

A Duchess, A Duke, and their family of daughters.

One day the Duchess sat up in the tower,

She had listened to minstrels for many an hour.


She was bored with embroidery, tired of talking,

She hoped no one suggest that she venture out walking.

Then quickly she sat up, a light in her eyes-

“Why, I’ll bake them a cake- what a lovely surprise!”

Though the Duchess is eager to make a lovely light luscious delectable cake, she doesn’t quite know how. She must have put a bit too much yeast in the batter, because the cake begins to rise. She tries everything- poking it, punching it, and even sitting on it- but it keeps rising, now with the Duchess on top of it! Soon, it rises far above the house and into the clouds. The duke, the children, and even the king and queen frantically call up to the Duchess to come down, but the cake keeps rising. Can they come up with a plan to get the Duchess down?

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