Driven into Exile

Driven into Exile

A Story of the Huguenots

Huguenot Inheritance Series #5
by Charlotte Maria Tucker
Trade Paperback, 141 pages
Price: $9.95

Historical Setting: France, 17th Century

"His Majesty rejects my petition: I must either recant or quit France within twenty-one days."

"I hope—I doubt not—that Monsieur le Marquis will conform to the wishes of his Majesty," said the courtier blandly.

"In all that does not concern conscience," was the reply; "but my duty to God must come before even my duty to the King."

The Marquis la Force along with his wife and daughter are driven into exile to England. Making a life in a country the complete opposite of France is hard on the La Force family, especially when they hear that their son and brother Louis, still in France, is to be educated in the Roman Catholic religion. Meanwhile Adele la Force is having trouble coping with poverty and her step-mother. This is a story of the Lord strengthening this Huguenot family and keeping them together in spite of persecution and poverty.

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