Dress-Ups, Decorations, and Delightful Diversions

Dress-Ups, Decorations, and Delightful Diversions

Includes Simile Shenanigans

by Lori Verstegen
1st Edition, ©2011, ISBN: 9781623410186
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Inspire students to write with impressive style as they master advanced dress-ups and decorations through this collection of delightful games and other diversions.

Games and exercises are designed for Level B-C students (grades 6+) or sharp Level A students (grades 3-5) who are already successfully adding IEW's basic stylistic techniques into their writing.

Bonus: The games section includes Simile Shenanigans, a game of completing and sharing similes from classic children's literature. It may be reproduced to be played beyond the classroom for hours of family fun.

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