Drawn from New England: Tasha Tudor

Drawn from New England: Tasha Tudor

A Portrait in Words and Pictures

by Bethany Tudor
Publisher: Philomel Books
Hardcover, 96 pages
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Tasha Tudor's enchanting portrayals of the New England rural scene in her many stories and books have endeared her to generations of readers. In this book Bethany Tudor describes in affectionate detail the special world that her mother has created and made famous. The result is not merely the portrait of an artist, but also a celebration of her highly individual way of life.

Photographs, snapshots from family albums, book illustrations, paintings, and drawings, most of which have never been reproduced before, are an important accompaniment to the text. They reveal the true background of many of Tasha Tudor's books and introduce her family, as well as the Tudor's numerous household pets and farm animals. There are photographs of Mrs. Tudor sketching her children by the fireside, and color reproductions of the first exquisite little books she created for her own pleasure when she was herself a child. We also see her enjoying the many crafts at which she excels—weaving, sewing, gardening, making marionettes, and more.

Tasha Tudor has always lived according to her own lights. Rejecting commercialism, trends and fads in her life as in her art, she has cultivated the virtues of the simpler way of life of the country-dweller of a hundred or so years ago.

Raising a family and pursuing her art career while living in a centuries-old farmhouse without running water or central heating was arduous but, as this book testifies eloquently, wonderfully rewarding. She and her family exemplify without pretension a lifestyle that many people dream of but do not know how to realize. Readers of all ages will welcome this book's insights into the life and work of one of America's most beloved and admired artists.

Bethany Tudor, herself a writer and artist, is the eldest of Tasha Tudor's four children. She and her own daughter Laura live in Vermont, near the family home so lovingly described in this book.

Jacket illustration by Tasha Tudor
Photograph by Bill Aller/New York Times.
Typography by Antler & Baldwin, Inc.

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