Draw & Write Through History Book 3

Draw & Write Through History Book 3

Vikings, Middle Ages, Renaissance: c. A.D. 793 - A.D. 1600's

by Carylee Gressman
Publisher: C.P.R. Publishing
Trade Paperback
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This 3rd book in the Draw and Write Through History series covers the time period from the Vikings to the Middle Ages and lightly touches on the Renaissance.

Experience history while you draw:

  • A Viking ship & longhouse
  • A castle, a catapult, a princess
  • A knight, a dragon,
  • Robin Hood, greyhound dog, samuri,
  • A Pagoda, Musketeer and more!

Note: There is a typo on Page 43: The feudal system was started in 1066, not the 800's. This will be noted inside the cover, and future editions will be corrected.

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