Draw Write Now Book 5

Draw Write Now Book 5

United States/From Sea to Sea/Moving Forward

by Marie Hablitzel, Kim Stitzer
Publisher: Barker Creek
Softcover Textbook, 64 pages
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Each of the eight Draw Write Now books are divided into three units and offer 21 lessons. The lessons are presented on two pages showing a colorful drawing, four sentences, and step-by-step drawing instructions. The four sentences are shown in manuscript writing, but the lessons can be used with cursive, D'Nealian, modern manuscript, Italic—any style! The authors recommend using the Startwrite handwriting software in order to customize lessons.

Book 5 focuses on drawing the human body, the face and the body in motion. It shows basic proportions for drawing people.

The three units (with lesson titles) in this book are:
  • The United States
    Flag, We the People / Washington, United We Stand / Snake, Divided We Fall / Lincoln, Liberty / Statue of Liberty, Justice / Capitol, For All / Rosa Parks

  • From Sea to Sea
    New Nation / Mt. Vernon, The Frontier / Log Cabin, Louisiana Terr. / Lewis and Clark, Texas / The Alamo, Oregon Territory / Fort on Trail, The Southwest / Mining, Alaska & Hawaii / Map of US

  • Moving Forward
    Waterways / Flatboat on the Ohio, Trails / Wagon on the Oregon Trail, Railroads / Transcontinental Rail, Roadways / Model T Car, Flight / Lindbergh's Flight, Space Travel / Walking on the Moon, Cyberspace / Girl Using the Internet
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