Dragon of Og

Dragon of Og

by Rumer Godden, Pauline D. Baynes (Illustrator)
Publisher: Viking Press
Library Rebind, 60 pages
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A battle of wits begins between a luck-bringing dragon, who had always been given two bullocks a month from the old lord's herd, and the new lord, who wants to change things.


It happened long ago in the lowlands of Scotland in the days when castles were made of wood; this particular Castle of Tundergarth stood on a hill above fields and meadows.. There ran a wide river called the Water of Milk but it was not as mild as it sounds because in the biggest of its pools, below a deep dark cave, lived a dragon. . . .

So begins this charming story of a gentle Dragon, a stubbornly proud lord, the red-headed Angus Og, who inherits the Castle, and the lord's wife.

For hundreds of years the Dragon of Og had quietly taken for his food two bullocks a month from the lord's herd. No one minded. The Dragon brought luck, and besides, he might destroy the countryside if he was angered. But Angus Og would have none of this. "That Dragon must be killed," he said. And so began a battle of wits that could end only in tragedy—or so it seemed.

This witty, exciting, and poetic story, based on an old legend of the Scottish Lowlands, has been brilliantly and delicately told by Rumer Godden, and exquisitely illustrated by Pauline Baynes.

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