Dolly Madison

Dolly Madison

Landmark #47
by Jane Mayer, Walter Buehr (Illustrator)
Publisher: Random House
©1954, Item: 41137
Hardcover, 184 pages
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The story of Dolly Madison is the story of one of the most charming and beloved of American women.

General and Mrs. Washington admired and welcomed her to their home. When Thomas Jefferson was President, he turned naturally to her for assistance in the official entertaining that must go on in the President's house. And when her husband, James Madison, succeeded Jefferson as President, Dolly reigned as beloved queen. During the British invasion of Washington in 1814, it was Dolly who guarded the treasures of the President's house and selected those she would take with her as she fled in disguise.

As we read Jane Mayer's Dolly Madison, we feel the same warm friendliness and the same quality of graciousness that made Dolly the idol of her day.

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