Fun with Pets, Responsibility, Animal Science

Unit Study Adventures
by Amanda Bennett
1st Edition, ©1997, ISBN: 9781888306279
Trade Paperback, 112 pages
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A warm, cuddly puppy – every child's dream come true in many homes! Their wagging tails and playful natures just melt our hearts and make us want to own them. I was fortunate – we owned several dogs throughout my childhood, and I have fond memories of the days we spent roaming through the woods and taking off on exciting adventures around the neighborhood with our dogs. At family gatherings, we still laugh and reminisce about the time our German shepherd had thirteen puppies, which kept the four kids in our family very busy for a while!

We can laugh, learn, and value the relationship we have with "man's best friend." These good times create such loyalty, devotion, and trust with our pets, and we learn many lessons about life as we care for them. On one hand, we want to encourage this type of relationship with pets for our own children, but at the same time, we grownups don't necessarily need or welcome any additional responsibilities to our already long list. As our family has grown, the children have become devoted animal lovers and one has gone on to become a veterinarian! From their interest, this unit study was born.

We wanted to make certain that the children learn about not only the animal, but many other aspects, as well. This unit study presents a bridge into the animal kingdom and all of the wonders of God's Creation. Kids have questions like "Why do dogs have whiskers?" and "What is a carnivore?"

While using this unit study, your student will be introduced to a variety of topics that pertain to dogs, including:

  • Animal science
  • History of dogs in society
  • Pet responsibilities
  • Variety of dog breeds and their characteristics
  • Working dogs in today's world

What a great adventure you can embark on with this study! You can share plenty of pet memories, make some new ones, and help your child learn about responsibility. Share great classics like Lassie Come Home, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Call of the Wild, and many others. Learn more about famous dogs like Balto, Barry the Saint Bernard, Laika, and more. Come join us, with or without a canine companion – because as always, we never fail to enjoy the adventure of learning!

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