Doctor Dolittle Complete Collection

Doctor Dolittle Complete Collection

by Hugh Lofting (Author)
Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks
Hardcover, 172 pages
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Delightful classic tales about the eccentric doctor who could speak to animals includes all the remarkable adventures and familiar characters, among them the extraordinary two-headed pushmi-pullyu; Polynesia, the parrot; and Jip, the dog. For adults, children and fans of timeless animal stories.

  • Volume 1 
    Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, Story of Doctor Dolittle, Doctor Dolittle's Post Office
  • Volume 2
    Doctor Dolittle's Circus, Doctor Dolittle's Caravan, Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary
  • Volume 3
    Doctor Dolittle's Zoo, Doctor Dolittle's Puddleby Adventures, Doctor Dolittle's Garden
  • Volume 4
    Doctor Dolittle in the Moon, Doctor Dolittle's Return, Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake, Gub Gub's Book

This set includes all the main novels, but not the short story Doctor Dolittle Meets a Londoner in Paris. Doctor Dolittle's Birthday Book is a day book including quotes and illustrations from earlier titles.

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