Doctor De Soto

Doctor De Soto

by William Steig
Trade Paperback, 32 pages
Price: $8.99

Doctor De Soto is a very good dentist who has no end of patients of all kinds: moles, chipmunks, pigs, and cows. But since he is a mouse, he doesn't treat "dangerous animals" like cats and foxes. Then one day a very pitiable looking fox comes with a toothache. Doctor De Soto decides to risk being eaten out of compassion for the poor creature. Will he be able to outfox this hungry fox and avoid becoming a tasty lunch?

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Summary: Dr. DeSoto is a good dentist, but he's also a mouse and has to be careful around certain patients...

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  The Numb Tooth
Anna (age 7) of Oregon, 8/9/2016
This is a very surprising story because the doctor is a mouse! He helped big animals and would stand inside their mouths! That is why he didn't want to help bad animals, like cougars. Next to his office was a sign that said, "No Wild Animals Can Come In." One day, a fox, with a handkerchief around his chin, was outside waiting for getting doctored. Doctor De Soto did NOT want to help a fox, but his wife begged him to help the fox. So, he said, "ok, if you promise not to swallow me." The fox said, "thank you very much" but he couldn't say it properly because of the handkerchief, so he said it a weird way. You should buy this book to find out what happens next because it is a very good book. If you buy it, you can read it all the time.