DK Eyewitness: Viking

DK Eyewitness: Viking

DK Eyewitness Series
by Susan M. Margeson
Publisher: DK Publishing
Hardcover, 63 pages
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Historical Setting: Middle Ages

Discover the story of the Vikings—their ships and weapons, legends and sagas of war and discovery.

Here is a spectacular and informative guide to the daring adventurers of the Viking Age. Superb color photographs of Viking ships and swords, clothes and shields, memorial stones and beautiful brooches offer a unique "eyewitness" view into the lives of the Norse people and their outstanding achievements. See a Viking battle-ax, the magnificent ship in which a Viking queen was buried, the Viking fortress, a beautiful ceremonial sledge, and the tools of a Swedish swordsmith. Learn why the goddess Feya cried tears of gold, how longships were made, how Greenland got its name, why walruses were used to make ship ropes, what happened to Thor when he caught the world serpent, and how warriors got to Valhalla. Discover why Erik the Red had to leave Iceland, how Viking women applied for a divorce, how Viking sailors navigated, what was on the menu at a Viking feast, how to put down an empty drinking-horn, the legend of Sigurd the dragon-slayer, and much, much more.

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