DIVE Chemistry

DIVE Chemistry

by David Shormann
Publisher: DIVE, LLC
©2008, Item: 19374
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See the BJU High School Science series description for a full review.

DIVE Chemistry is a complete college preparatory chemistry curriculum taught from a Christian worldview.The CD-ROM contains 32 weeks of instruction with weekly assignment charts. Each week students complete assigned reading and definitions and watch two video lectures, taking notes and working problems; then they complete their review questions and conduct an interactive video lab. There are video solutions to all review questions and lab activities. Quarterly exams and solutions are also included.

The only required material for the course is a high school chemistry text, and you can use pretty much anything that has a standard table of contents (or even find the content on the internet). Of course, DIVE recommends a Christian text such as the Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry, Bob Jones University Chemistry, or A Beka Chemistry. If you use the Apologia and want to complete a complete a college preparatory course, you will also need to purchase their Advanced Chemistry. DIVE most highly recommends the BJU course, as they believe it is the most rigorous text available.

Sixteen of the 22 labs are AP labs. Upon satisfactory completion of chemistry and CLEP Professor for Chemistry (available spring 2009), students can earn up to 8 college credits by passing the CLEP Chemistry exam, allowing students to receive both college and high school credit. Students need to have completed Algebra 2 or be taking it concurrently.


  • Yearly syllabus makes lesson planning a breeze
  • 58 interactive video lectures teach every concept
  • 22 video labs teach every lab activity
  • Digital workbook with worksheets and lab manual
  • Video solutions for every worksheet and lab activity
  • Quarterly exams prepare students for college
  • Grade calculator determines grades in a snap
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