Discovering Wine

Discovering Wine

by Joanna Simon
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Mass market paperback, 156 pages
List Price: $21.00 Our Price: $17.95

Discovering Wine has been hailed by new and experienced wine lovers everywhere as the classic, approachable introduction to the luscious world of wine. In this revised and updated edition, Simon addresses the latest wine trends and provides brand-new information on vintages recently established in countries and continents around the globe. More than 250 full-color photographs, maps, and charts beautifully complement Simon's effervescent approach to the fascinating world of wine, and help to dispel the mystique that so often surrounds the subject. She provides the crucial hints that will help you to become a wine aficionado — virtually overnight. You will learn how to:

  • Taste and judge wine like an expert
  • Correctly match food and wine
  • Follow the newest guidelines for serving and storing your wines
  • Discern classic wines from those that emulate them
  • Understand the importance and role of grapes
  • Know when a particular wine is ready to drink

In addition to demystifying wine, Simon explores famous vineyards and explains how the winemakers use grapes to their most delicious advantage. And after a concise but thorough roundup of today's wine styles, Simon conducts a tour through the wine regions of the world — from Chianti to Coonawarra, from Médoc to Moldova, and everywhere in between. As entertaining as it is informative, Discovering Wine is destined to remain the definitive beginner's guide to wine.

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