Discovering Mathematics 1 - Workbook Teacher Edition

Discovering Mathematics 1 - Workbook Teacher Edition

by Chow Wai Keung, Yong Fook Meng
Publisher: Star Publishing
Softcover Teacher Guide / Answer Key, 161 pages
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The Discovering Mathematics Workbooks are designed for secondary school students and are written according to the 2007 secondary Mathematics syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Each workbook is written as a supplement to the textbook, Discovering Mathematics, to give students more practice in applying the concepts learnt. Students may refer to the summary of the important concepts in each chapter of the textbook for a quick review before attempting the questions in the workbook. After completing the exercises, students will not only polish their own analytical skills, but also develop a stronger foundation in Mathematics.

The questions in each workbook chapter are categorized into 4 parts according to the level of difficulty and the thinking skills involved:

  • Basic Principle: simple questions that drill comprehension of concepts
  • Further Practice: harder questions that involve direct applications
  • Challenging Practice: questions that require synthesis ability
  • Enrichment: questions that demand higher order thinking

These questions encourage students to think analytically, reason logically, use appropriate connections between mathematical ideas, and apply problem-solving skills in daily life situations.

Specimen papers are also included in each workbook to better prepare students for the examinations.

These comprehensive workbooks aim to give students the tools and the confidence to handle mathematical questions and apply mathematical concepts to real-life situations. By achieving this, students will find that learning Mathematics is an interesting and exciting experience.

Recommended for those who want a challenging math series from a country with a proven track record in math education. This series integrates pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry and includes some trigonometry and advanced math topics. Teacher involvement is generally required.

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