Discovering Atomos

Discovering Atomos

by Jen Greenholt
2nd Edition, ©2015, Publisher Catalog #BS039
50 pages
Price: $9.99

This booklet is designed to give 6th-8th graders a basic introduction to chemical processes at the atomic level. The text is divided into six simple lessons that introduce various topics, and then provide examples and exercises to support the new concepts. Discovering Atomos is a consumable workbook.

Allowing students to write directly in the manual makes it easy for them to look back at helpful charts and figures, compare their work to the examples given, and reference the information that they have learned.The lessons in the text are meant to create a foundation for further studies in chemistry. If students can memorize the periodic table and learn how to combine elements now, higher level chemistry will be less intimidating right from the start. If students can learn that understanding chemistry is feasible and even fun, their success in the subject will already be well on its way.

Atomos is a Greek word from which the word ‘atom’ is derived. Atomos means indivisible: (a-not, temnein-to cut)

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