Discipline & Child Training

Training up children is a daunting task. But as is often the case, the best things in life come with a high price tag. Just so, with child training great rewards await the parents who are willing to pay the price. And the price is hard work.

The process of child training begins in the cradle and continues until adulthood or perhaps even further. Child training embraces an entire culture of family and faith, chock full of daily choices to put the good of the child above our own pleasures. These little choices, faithfully applied, create a culture that is conducive to Christian child training.

Consistency is key. Mother and Father must unite in the standard of discipline, the methodology of instruction and correction, and in the application of the rod of reproof. Far too many children “get off the hook” when a discipline session devolves into a parental argument over who’s being too severe or too lax. Consistency and parental cooperation are the sine qua non of child training.

Child training must aim at the whole child. Reproof must be faithfully administered according to a biblical and Christian standard. Punishment must always be made to fit the nature and severity of the offense. And most important, the child must always be made to appreciate the distinction between punitive punishment and loving parental chastisement. We do not spank in order to destroy but to push our children on toward maturity and godliness. It really is for their own good.

But training cannot consist merely in correction. It must also embrace positive instruction and fervent encouragement. Daily opportunities can be found in which your child is caught doing something right. When that happens the parent needs to jump on this chance to praise the good. In all we do to train our children we need to place the bar high, whether in academics, in athletics, or in personal or bedroom hygiene. Yet, here too we need be there to cheer and encourage. Our children will rise to the level of our expectation, especially if we are there to encourage and support them withal.

In this category you will find resources specifically chosen to provide direction and help with particular modes and methods of child discipline. For a broader, more theoretical survey see the materials offered in our Biblical Parenting category.

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