Discarded Image

Discarded Image

An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature

by C. S. Lewis
Trade Paperback, 231 pages
Price: $19.99

This paints a lucid picture of the medieval world view, providing the historical and cultural background to the literature of the middle ages and renaissance. It describes the "image" discarded by later years as "the medieval synthesis itself, the whole organization of their theology, science and history into a single, complex, harmonious mental model of the universe". This, Lewis's last book, has been hailed as "the final memorial to the work of a great scholar and teacher and a wise and noble mind".



  1. The Medieval Situation
  2. Reservations
  3. Selected Materials: The Classical Period
    1. The Somnium Sciponis
    2. Lucan
    3. Statius. Claudian, and the Lady Natura
    4. Apuleius, De Deo Socratis
  4. Selected Materials: The Seminal Period
    1. Chalcidius
    2. Macrobius
    3. Pseudo-Dionysius
    4. Boethius
  5. The Heavens
    1. The Parts of the Universe
    2. Their Operations
    3. Their Inhabitants
  6. The Longaevi
  7. Earth and Her Inhabitants
    1. The Earth
    2. Beasts
    3. The Human Soul
    4. Rational
    5. Sensitive and Vegetable Soul
    6. Soul and Body
    7. The Human Body
    8. The Human Past
    9. The Seven Liberal Arts
  8. The Influence of the Model


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