Dinosaur Activity Book

Dinosaur Activity Book

by Bonita Snellenberger, Earl Snellenberger
Publisher: Master Books
2015 Printing, ©2008, ISBN: 9780890515150
Trade Paperback, 132 pages
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Enjoy hours of educational fun with The Wonder of God's World DINOSAUR ACTIVITY BOOK!

  • Assemble a Protoceratopspattering toy!
  • Create a Deinonychusjumping attack!
  • Craft a Tyrannosaurushand puppet!
  • Play the dinosaur migration game!

Educational and entertaining, the Activity Book includes mazes, puzzles, word finds, games, and other skill challenges. Create your own dinosaur mini-movies, solve 15 challenging tangram puzzles, and more! Dozens of hands-on and skill-building activities are included for a variety of age levels. Learn the history of dinosaur discoveries and about the lives of these incredible creatures created on Day 5 and Day 6 of the Creation Week.

BONUS FEATURE: Beautifully-colored insert is an all-in-one reference to some of the most amazing dinosaurs, including size comparisons.

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