Dimensions Math 7A - Textbook

Dimensions Math 7A - Textbook

Common Core

Publisher: Singapore Math
Trade Paperback, 231 pages
Price: $24.00

Dimensions MathematicsCommon Coreis a series of textbooks designed for the students in middle schools. Developed in collaboration between Star Publishing and Singapore Math Inc., this series follows the Singapore Mathematics Framework and covers the topics in the Common Core State Standards.

The emphasis of this series is on empowering the students to learn mathematics effectively and independently. Depending on the topics covered, different approaches are adopted for the presentation of concepts to facilitate easy understanding by students to internalise concepts and instill in them an interest to explore the topics further.

Each book includes appropriate examples, class activities and diagrams to understand the concepts and apply them. IT skills and values are incorporated as appropriate.

With this comprehensive series, we hope that students will find learning mathematics an easy and fun experience so that they will be motivated to study the subject, discover mathematical features and apply them in real-life situations.

Some features of this series include the following:

1.Class activities which allow the student to learn mathematics through discovery. Some of the class activities make use of Geometer’s Sketchpad.

2.Worked examples are followed by a similar question (Try It!) so that students can check if they have understood the concepts presented earlier.

3.Every lesson has an exercise. The questions in the exercise are sequenced asBasic Practice(simple questions involving a direct application of the concepts,Further Practice(more challenging questions on direct application),Maths@Work(questions that apply mathematical concepts to real-life situations, andBrainworks(questions involving higher order thinking or an open-ended approach to problems).

4.Each chapter is followed by a review exercise, anExtend Your Learning Curveactivity to encourage students to explore mathematical concepts further or apply mathematics in real-life situations, and some questions requiring sentence or paragraph answers to encourage students to reflect on their learning experiences.

5.The right margins contain remarks on important information, concepts or definitions covered earlier related to the current material to help students recall them, discussion questions, interesting puzzles or facts that are related to mathematics, and some website references.

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