by Rumer Godden, Creina Glegg (Illustrator)
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"Diddakoi," "Tinker," "Tinkety-Tink"—the derisive cries of her schoolmates only confirmed Kizzy Lovell's hatred of gorgios, or non-gypsies. At seven years (as near as anyone could guess her age), she wanted no part of school but only the companionship of her Great-Great-Gran and their ancient horse, Joe.

When Gran died and the caravan in which she lived near the village of Amber- hurst on the Downs was traditionally burned by her Romany relatives, Kizzy would have been wholly alone except for gruff, misogynistic Admiral Cunningham Twiss and Miss Olivia Brooke, one of the local magistrates. Learning how to accept their kindness proves as great a trial as the persistent cruelties of her schoolgirl peers—and the learning is not all on Kizzy's side.

The Diddakoi is a deliciously satisfying story of the human spirit embattled. Writing of a child apart, who is wholly her own person, Rumer Godden has brought all her skill and sorcery to a tale as touching for parents as for the children to whom they are certain to read it.

Jacket design and decorations by Creina Glegg

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