Delightful Reading Level 1 Kit

Delightful Reading Level 1 Kit

Playing with Letters and Sounds

by Lanaya Gore
Mixed Media
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Learn the letters and their sounds with more than 100 multi-sensory games and activities!

The Playing with Letters and Sounds kit helps you teach your child the first step to reading—learning the letters and their sounds—through play!

Easy to do! Quick to play! Fun to repeat!

More than 100 multi-sensory games and activities featuring

  • simple instructions so you can spend more time playing.
  • informal activities using common household items.
  • short activities to hold attention and encourage repeating favorites often.
  • helpful tips so you know when to pause and when to move on at your child’s pace.

Jump, draw, move, sculpt, eat, sing, match, talk, march, stretch, play,… learn!

Kit Contents

The Playing with Letters and Sounds kit contains

  • Games and Activities book with step-by-step instructions
  • A Is for Art: A Fine Art Alphabet Book
  • Letters and Sounds bookmark to help you track your child’s progress
  • ABC placemat to laminate and enjoy
  • Alphabet Bingo cards: uppercase, lowercase, and customizable
  • My ABC Book ready for your child to personalize
  • 88 alphabet stickers
  • 50 jumbo craft sticks
  • 6 decks of ready-to-use fun cards featured in the multi-sensory games and activities

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