Deep Down

Deep Down

A Tale of the Cornish Mines

by R. M. Ballantyne
Publisher: Vision Forum
Library Binding, 389 pages
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Historical Setting: St. Just, Cornwall, mid-19th Century

In this heart-warming tale of love, life, laughter, and tragedy (with some smuggling thrown in), travel back in time to explore life set amongst the people living near the tin and copper mines of St. Just, Cornwall, in the mid-nineteenth century.

During the mid-1860s, R. M. Ballantyne spent over three months living amongst the Cornish mineworkers of St. Just. There, amidst the dangers of the deep mines, a story of courage, contentment, and adversity takes place, encouraging young readers to be grateful for the many blessings we all enjoy of home and faith.

Ballantyne incorporates into his novel many historical facts, producing an exciting and very accurate portrayal of Victorian tin and copper mining and everyday Cornish life.

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