Debt-Proof Your Marriage

Debt-Proof Your Marriage

How to Achieve Financial Harmony

by Mary Hunt
Publisher: Revell Publishing
Hardcover, 278 pages
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No matter what your financial situation looks like right now, you and your spouse can take steps toward being debt-free - and strengthen your marriage in the process. In this highly practical book, Mary Hunt helps you bring the principles of intimacy, the foundation for harmony and debt-free living, into money management. These principles include acceptance, freedom, safety, and honesty, creating an atmosphere that unifies two lives into one.

'Debt-Proof Your Marriage' is packed with real-life advice, sprinkled with humor, that will renew your hope and determination. It covers everything you need for managing your money in harmony, including the "80 percent solution," forty places to find money (that you didn't know you had), how to reconcile different money behaviors and beliefs, and much more.

Reading this book will empower you to take care of the present, clean up the past, and prepare for a successful, debt-free future.

Most importantly, it will empower you to live debt-free - protecting your marriage, your money, and your peace of mind!

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