Dear Papa

Dear Papa

by Thyra Ferre Bjorn
Hardcover, 191 pages
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Delicious humor, unaffected wisdom, and the gentle delights of the spirit have always rewarded readers of Mrs. Bjorn's charming family chronicles. In response to the many queries she has received, the author of Papa's Wife, Papa's Daughter and Mama's Way now tells more about the Franzons- the eight children who became the family of a very determined young woman who set her cap for a handsome and determinedly single bachelor parson.

In Dear Papa, the children have grown up and Mama, now a widow and living in Miami, is convalescing from a heart attack. Missing Papa, she decides to write him a letter, describing all that has happened to the family since his death. In each chapter she continues her letter, and reveals many of the mischievous deeds of the children in their youth- stories that she had been saving to tell him during their days of retirement.

Here is the irrepressible young Torkel, demonstrating the evils of drink to a wayward parishioner with a most ingenious and hilarious scheme. And mischievous Button, earnest Nim, Pelle, Greta and all the other youngsters are back, too.

Those who are already acquainted with the Franzons will find this fresh sojourn into their household a joyous occasion- sparkling with laughter, warmly inspiring, and touched with a deep appreciation for life.

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