Dean Rea

Dean Rea
Rea spent over 55 years as a journalist and a professor.  This award-winning editor worked for newspapers from Bend to Hood River to Eugene, Oregon.   He also served as an associate professor from 1966-1975 at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication and then as an adjunct faculty member.  Also a free-lance writer, Rea designed a book for his home-taught grandchildren called The Write Stuff Adventure which helps budding writers improve their skills.  With his wife, Rea resides in Eugene.  Though retired, Rea has returned twice to the University of Oregon.  Most recently, he was asked to help create a program at the School of Journalism and Communication. Called the News Lab, this course allows students to work for smaller, local newspapers as volunteer reporters and photographers.  Now in its second year, the class is successful, demonstrating Rea's ability not only to communicate well himself but to also pass along his knowledge and benefit the community.


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Write Stuff Adventure
by Dean Rea
from Great Expectations Book Co.
Writing Curriculum for 5th-10th grade
in Writing Instruction (Location: WRI-INS)