Days of Vengeance

Days of Vengeance

An Exposition of The Book of Revelation

by David Chilton
Publisher: Dominion Press
Hardcover, 721 pages
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After being out of print for nearly six years, this book is finally back!

Days of Vengeance is an important and massive volume, carefully expositing with extraordinary detail the book of Revelation. Dr. Chilton reminds us that Revelation is not just a loose post-script to the Bible, but is integrally tied to the rest of Scriptures. He teaches us that Revelation was a prophecy about eminent events—which were about to take place in the first century. He explains the systematic structure of Revelation symbols. He shows us that Revelation is a vision of a worship service in progress, not a textbook on prophecy. And he exhorts us to hope by saying that Revelation is a book about Dominion—the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our God, and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever.

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