Days of Joseph

Days of Joseph

by John Noble
Publisher: Unknown Publisher
Print-on-demand paperback, 189 pages
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Historical Setting: Ancient Israel

Joseph’s family just started a war they’re going to lose.

Two days ago, his half-sister Dinah was kidnapped and raped by the prince of the city of Shechem. Now Joseph is trapped between his brothers, clamoring for an attack on the walled fortress, and his father, who knows they can’t win.

As the badly bullied youngest brother, Joseph would rather not die for a lost cause. However, he may not have much say. When two of his brothers launch a vicious raid on the city to rescue Dinah, Joseph’s world is plunged into chaos.

As the aftershocks of the battle tear through their camp, news of the treacherous attack spreads. Shechem is an influential city, and soon Joseph’s family find themselves surrounded by enemies on every side. In desperation they flee south, to Bethel, risking the dangerous journey to reach a place where Joseph’s father Jacob believes that God Himself will come to their aid.

Except, there’s a reason they haven’t been to Bethel before. Joseph’s father has his own secrets, a promise made to God before Joseph was even born, one that could cost far more than they’re willing to give.

But they may not have a choice, because, as the smoke from the ruins of Shechem drifts skywards, God Himself is looking down on them.

Watching and waiting.

And He won’t wait forever.

This is an adaptation of the story of Genesis 34 from the Bible.

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