David Manuel

A graduate of Yale University with a major in English, Manuel thought of becoming a writer after penning and seeing published five short stories for the Yale Literary Magazine.  Before following that course in life, he enlisted in the Naval Air Force and became an airborne CIC (Combat Information Center) officer who gathered intelligence and kept up-to-date information on forces within the area around Newfoundland and Iceland.  Once his military job was completed, he returned to the literary world, writing jacket copies for Doubleday, advancing to trade editor, and eventually being the first managing editor of Doubleday Canada, Ltd.

Manuel experienced a religious conversion in 1970 that altered his life.  Leaving Doubleday, he took a position as head of the book division at Logos International.  Then he began writing.  Manuel started as a ghost-writer and then penned his own books.  Over time he has written more than 40 works, including The Jesus Factor, and he has co-written several books with Peter Marshall such as The Light and the Glory.   After surviving kidney cancer in 1995, Manuel invested more time in his writing and found that he had discovered the voice of God.  This revelation has profoundly affected his life, and Manuel is determined to help other people hear God and have a conversation with Him.  His connecting-with-God workshops are popular all over the United States, and Manuel has begun the Boston Noon Hour where people gather to pray each Wednesday at noon.

Currently Manuel is the editorial director of the publishing house Awakening Unlimited, and he is working on a new chronicle called The Awakeners.  When he isn't traveling, writing, or teachers workshops, Manuel enjoys spending time with his wife and family in Massachusetts.


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