Dave Raymond's American History

Dave Raymond's American History

by Dave Raymond
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History is best understood through the dual lenses of dramatic story and godly wisdom. Veteran history teacher Dave Raymond gives a comprehensive history of the United States by applying a Christian worldview to the characters, events, theology, literature, art, and religious beliefs of the nation. It is an engaging class for Middle school and High school students (Worth one High School History/Social Studies credit.)

" In my opinion, this course offers an excellent balance of interesting DVD lectures, serious reading, and challenging writing coupled with worthwhile portfolio and project work, all presented from within a Christian worldview."Cathy Duffy


American History is a one-year class that consists of 26 lessons, 4 projects, a Student Reader (over 400 pages), a Teacher’s Guide, Weekly Exams, and a year-long Portfolio. Each lesson includes 5 video lectures (approximately 10 minutes each, or an hour of video per lesson).

Dave Raymond lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife and 5 children where he has taught in the humanities for the past 10 years. He teaches the disciplines of history, literature, composition, civics, economics, and Latin through Quiller Tutorials, Franklin Classical School, and Foundations Christian Academy.

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Formats: DVD, Download
Lessons: 26 (13 per semester)
Includes: Reader, Teacher Guide
Age: 12+
Credit: 1 HS History/Social Studies

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