Dark Venture

Dark Venture

by Audrey White Beyer, Leo Dillon (Illustrator), Diane Dillon (Illustrator)
©1968, Item: 79905
Library Binding, 207 pages
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A twelve-year-old African boy, captured and shipped to the West Indies to be sold into slavery, is saved from a cruel master when the slave ship's doctor buys him and takes him to New England, where he must adjust to a new way of life.


Captured by alien tribesmen, sold into slavery, marched to the mouth of the River Gambia and then transported to the island of Barbadoes, Demba, a twelve-year-old African boy learns firsthand the terrors and hardships of slavery. Aboard ship he meets Adam Waite, a young doctor from Bristol, Rhode Island, who has signed on the Orion as ship's surgeon. Their lives become inescapably intertwined, and Demba, still enslaved, comes to New England where he must once again adjust to an entirely new life.

Historically accurate, Dark Venture is a fascinating account of the slave trade as seen through the eyes of both physician and slave. Combining a forceful, human story with engrossing history, Audrey White Beyer writes in compelling terms about slaving during the last part of the eighteenth century.

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